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Cisco NAC Server eth0 fails communication when connected to trunking switchport

NAC deployment is L2 OOB Virtual-Gateway-Mode

When our CAS eth0 is connected to a trunk port, the port will chage to a connected state but we are unable to ping the CAS from the CAM or from switch connected to the CAS. Our CAM is on vlan 32 and the cas is on VLAN 60. Below is the config for the port connecting the CAS. The CAS managment ip is assigned to vlan 60.The switch is a 6509. Blade 2 only supports dot1q so we do not need to set encapsolation type for this switchport.

interface GigabitEthernet2/39

description Trust eth0

no ip address


switchport trunk native vlan 998

switchport trunk allowed vlan 33,34,40,60

switchport mode trunk


If we disable trunking and switch the port to access vlan 60 we are able to communicate with the CAS. Has anyone ran in to this when deploying NAC?

If so, how was the issue resolved?

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