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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1 ESXi 5.5 support?

We are currently in a deployment of CPI 2.1 with a current ESXi 5.5 infrastructure.  I cannot find any related documentation on the compatibility of this support.  We also have ACS 5.5 to build on this as well.

Has anyone had any success building either of these two virtual appliances on ESXi 5.5?

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Hi,Yes, it support.If i get


Yes, it support.

If i get any docs related to it, will post here.



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Thanks Sandeep, please do.

Thanks Sandeep, please do.

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My most recent PI 2.1 soft

My most recent PI 2.1 soft appliance build was on an ESXi 5.5 hypervisor.

I had no problems deploying the OVA. I did use the legacy vSphere client vs. the new web-only client as the latter seemed to really want an OVF file.

It's been working fine for a couple of weeks now (knock on wood). It's managing about 100 devices (mostly wired for now) with more to come.

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Thanks guys,I have had a

Thanks guys,

I have had a response from the BU.

Here’s the quick and dirty (and not so good) – PI 2.2 is being tested with ESXi v5.5 and will officially be supported.  According to the BU, there are no plans to test or support any earlier release with ESXi v5.5.

Also the current plan is to have ACS 5.6 be supported on ESXi v5.5.

ESXi 5.5 won’t be supported until PI 2.2, due out in November 2014.  Until then, there are no workarounds.  Some customers have installed the latest release (v2.1) on ESXi 5.5, but they run the risk of not getting supported should they encounter any issues with their instance. 

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