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Cisco Secure ACS 3.1 SSL CSR

I can successfully install a certificate in ACS if I use openssl to generate the CSR. However, I would like to generate this from within ACS 3.1.1 (for documentation purposes). When I use the ACS management page to generate the CSR and then paste this into verisign, verisign reports that the OU etc is missing (fair comment). Cisco's documentation reports the CSR from ACS can be used to generate a certificate on any CA. How if the ACS generated CSR is missing half the required information..

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Re: Cisco Secure ACS 3.1 SSL CSR

To answer my own question.

To generate a valid CSR (for use with verisign) and key file.

1) Use openssl under cygwin if you don't have a *nix box.

2) Use the novell tool gwcsrgen2.exe (albeit with 512 bits)

It appears that CSACS 3.1 csr function does not work with verisign since verisign WWW site states that if you are requesting a cert from outside the US, the CSR must contain the ISO country code etc!!


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