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Cisco Secure ACS Unix vs. Windows

I currently have a Unix ACS. It is supported & I have been unable to find any EOL information, but the last software release was in 2002. That tells me there is no focus on the Unix ACS. We are moving to a single sign on where we will move from Nisplus to LDAP, Kerberos, & Active Directory. I found where Cisco is now moving away from just the software to a windows ACS appliance. My question - Those of you that are using this new ACS appliance what are you using to interface with for authenication? Any information is appreicated. Laurie Coles

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Re: Cisco Secure ACS Unix vs. Windows

I have had bad luck with the windows based appliance (don't get me started on the term appliance - appliances belong in the kitchen LOL). I had to send it back to the vendor. I purchased just the secureacs software and installed it on it's own server that was a domain controller. This way, it will have direct AD access and you won't have to install auth agents on other servers in your network. In this scenario, it works like a dream.

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Re: Cisco Secure ACS Unix vs. Windows

So you purchased the windows software version of ACS and installed it on your server. I thought I had read that Cisco was moving toward EOL for the windows software version & moving toward the appliance (you know the one that belongs in the kitchen LOL). I don't want to purchase a piece of software only for it to be in EOL.

So the software piece will interface with active directory for authenciation?

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