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Community feedback: Ise 1.2 cosmetics, what changes from 1.1.x

Like it or notmany things have changed from version 1.1.x in 1.2

This post is to ask community if anyone agrees or not with the points mentioned maybe we can have a better ISE and enhance the final user experience

what I found:

1 - Monitoring

One of the new features introduced in 1.2 version monitoring is a redesigned operations screen

a new tab (live sessions) has been introduced (a great feature, allowing to have much more control over authentications).

Along with this "repeated authentications counters" have been introduced, bumping blue lines in the live authentications operations screen.

Those lines are good and bad at the same time: reauthentications are now marked with a blue background line and lines are reduced in number but the information shown there are not complete and missing some critical (for us) fields as: networkdevice, deviceport, authorizationprofile, identity group.

As a result using a filter like deviceport or identity group or authorization profile in the live authentication screen won't show the related reauthentications line cause it will have effect only on the first authentication (green line), which shows those parameters.

What is worse is that if an endpoint was first authenticated more than 24 hours ago and has only reauthenticated during that time while being still active on the network : the use of a filter like authorization profile will not show it!! cause the green line was generated more than 24h ago and blue line misses that information...

On the other side live sessions are missing the field authorization profile and the option to see NAD name instead of its IP

2 - Reports

Completely rearranged, now you have to first enable all needed filters for selected report (waste of time compared to 1.1.x) instead of having them all enabled and then compile the fields, on the right a preview sample image is displayed (???) many users asked me at first quick look (what are those authentications? I cannot click anywhere!... ah oh that is an image -.-)

Report generation is faster ok but let's export the csv... Oh well now you cannot download csv directly from browser but you must use a repository and need to have mail server enabled and configured on ise to gather the download link. I don't have it anabled at this time so I choose local (disk:/), generated csv, then I needed to access cli, copy the file to my pc ftp, wait... I need first open ftp firewall ports... done , and finally I got it... (waste of time)(why can't I download it anymore from the gui as I did on 1.1.x?)

There was someting missing in those passages, the system did'nt ask me what columns I wanted to export!!!! (verified), so I have now a complete csv... then... a cleanup is necessary via excel to get rid of the unuseful data.. (1.2 documentation reports to select data to export but there is no option I could see ... waste of time) Finally I can elaborate the report... (an operation that I did in 2 minutes now required 20mins)

Then: Let's remove the report generated locally from disk: delete disk:/very_long_name.csv

operation failed file not found (problem with deletion based on file length and particular pattern in a file name.) Bug submitted.

What is missing (1.1.x and 1.2.x): ability to generate a wildcard filter report (example: auth for a mac OUI xx:xx:xx* )

Suggestion and alerts: (do not reply to this)

Always install latest patch : P2 has just been released

P3 should be very round the corner

I wasn't able to succefully restore a backup in the lab , procedure is ok but nodes to me cannot resyncup (reimaging or resetconfig needed : have a tac opened for this)

I have lots of Nads reported as misconfigured cause of accounting... but they are configured well above documentation recomendations (30 min accounting timer vs 15min reported in documentation)

please leave your feedback or feel free to add

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Community feedback: Ise 1.2 cosmetics, what changes from 1.1.x

Please Cisco ISE BU read all of Mr. Gerardi's comments on reports! We Network guys have to promote your software to upper management and when it comes time to give them or enable them get their own reports, it goes to a repository? Come on, please this must be fixed asap, allow wildcard, the way the filter is designed must go, go back to ACS format with all fields listed, who wants the pretty drop downs, but allow wild cards and allow export to csv from the browser, NOT via a reporsitory please!!!

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