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Configuration of 802.1x


All the documents found on your web site about 802.1x say that you globally 3 steps :

1/ Put 802.1x on an interface

2/ Configure the IP address of the radius server

3/ Configure aaa

But on a Catalyst 6500, which is on a Hybrid Mode (Cat OS + Router Mode on MSFC), there is no command for aaa (like "aaa authentication dot1x default group radius" available on IOS) on the Cat OS. Does it mean that we need to be on IOS (native or on MSFC) to configure the ""aaa" part of the 802.1x or does an identical command (with the same sense) exists on Cat OS exists ?

I have an another question about the possibility to affect a Vlan on a port by 802.1X on a 3550. when the ethernet interface is on switching mode, I type "switchport mode access" . But this command affects the interface in the default vlan (1). The radius server is correctly defined with the right options (Vlan, 802 and Vlan Name) and the swith also (Vlan name and number in the Vlan database). However, the interface of the user does not appear in the vlan configured .... Do you have some way to explain this ?

Best Regards

P.S : the versions are the good ones.

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Re: Configuration of 802.1x


Answer to your first question: I dont think so there is any equivalent command....even I was looking for the same.



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Re: Configuration of 802.1x

you will find how to configure aaa in catos mode (so on you 6500) at this adress :

Did you find how to configure vlan assignment on your 3550 ? I try hard, but it does not work, so if you have some advices, it would be helpfull.

Thanx !

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