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Configuring AAA authentication...

We have an application running at Headquarters.These applications will be accessed by Mobile users, Branch office users .They will be telnetting to the host running application.Users are authenticated before accessing the application.Hosts running application has local user database.We do have T1 link to local ISP.

We need to do authentication and accounting.We need to disconnect mobile users after few hrs.users will be telnetting to the application.They should be authenticated as well as accounting should be done.We do have 2501 router connectes to ISP running IOS 12.0

Can anyone guide me.How to configure the router for authentication and accounting.Usrs should get disconnected aftr fixed time.

Can user access application running on headquarters using Single Authentication or do we need to have double authentication


Cisco Employee

Re: Configuring AAA authentication...

Lock and Key may be an option for you here, see

Using this your users would have to telnet to the router first, authenticate there (and also do accounting at this point). After they authenticate OK, the router will dynamically add an access-list to itself to allow that user to telnet thru to the internal host. The user will automatically get disconnected from the router after authentication, then they can telnet to the internal host and authenticate their again.

They'll have to authenticate twice, I don't see any way of linking your host application login with the router login.

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