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CSWinAgent restarting forever

I re-installed the ACS Remote AGent (4.2) on a host where it was previously working. All permissions are still intact and the service has been reset to use the correct account. There is not CSWInagent log file but I do see this in the CSAgent log:

ACSRemoteAgent 06/29/2009 13:05:08 E 0194 1188 0x0 CSWinAgent has terminated unexpectedly

Does anyone know what those numbers mean? I see no other indication of why this is happenening.



Re: CSWinAgent restarting forever


It seems like during installation of the Remote Agent, you missed to check windows authentication and that could be the reason for missing cswinagent.

A few of the possible reasons behind this problem are:

* A user without Admin privileges attempts to install Cisco

Secure ACS/RA on the server.

* This error message may occur because of an incompatibility

between RA and anti-virus or a host based Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

on the server.

* The uninstallation of a previous version did not go cleanly.

Note: This error message usually appears because of hidden files stored on

the server from a previous version.

Complete these steps in order to resolve this issue:

1. Make sure you are logged in with Admin privileges.

2. Any sort of anti-virus or host based IDSs must be turned off.

3. An older version on the Cisco Secure ACS server must be completely uninstalled.

I would suggest you reinstall it and make sure to check windows authen and remote logging.



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