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Deleting or Renaming the AccountAction.csv in RDBMS synchronization

Good morning all,

I am trying to finalize a process using the RBDMS Sync on Cisco ACS 4.1 SE. The process will get my AccountActions.csv file, but does not seem to want to rename it. I have the synch occuring every morning at 0300. I guess one question would be, if the file does not change, what will occur? I get an error like this;

Could not delete CSV file on FTP Server - may process same actions again. (The file may be in use).

I have set up the FTP server to allow deletion and renaming from this login.

Any help or direction would be appreciated.




Re: Deleting or Renaming the AccountAction.csv in RDBMS synchron

I would schedule something to rename the account actions csv on the ftp server.. have it run at 04:00

That way you know it done. Otherwise ACS will simply process all the same actions again.

This is because RRBMS sync was designed to work with proper databases. There is a field to indicate a row has been processed, but csv files are read only thanks to the retarded Microsoft csv driver.

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Re: Deleting or Renaming the AccountAction.csv in RDBMS synchron

Thanks Darren,

Actually, if you are using the Quick n Easy ftp server, there are options to do so. Also, I created an account on the FTP server the same as teh account used in the Synch and that seemed to do the trick. Thanks again for the advice.

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