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Diferences between ACS express and ACS

Is there more diferences between ACS express and ACS, besides that ACS express is for small-medium size businesses, like more functions on ACS than express?

Unfortunately the data sheet of ACS is not currently online. Can someone help me out with this?


Re: Diferences between ACS express and ACS

Competitive Differentiation:

- Customized GUI

The Cisco Secure ACS Express GUI is designed to be simple and at the same time encompass the intricacies of defining a highly evolved

identity policy.

- Flexible Access Polices

Cisco Secure ACS Express offers a simplified yet comprehensive access policy that allows the definition of multiple profiles for network access, wireless access, remote access, and device administration


- Native access to Microsoft Active Directory

Cisco Secure ACS Express allows users to authenticate against Active Directory seamlessly. There is no need to install or configure any agent on either the Cisco Secure ACS Express appliance or any other server to

interact with Active Directory

- External Database Support

Cisco Secure ACS Express supports Active Directory, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and one-time password servers that allow deployments to integrate with customers' user repositories.

- Secure Remote Administration

Cisco Secure ACS Express can be securely administered from the Web GUI (HTTPS) or through the scriptable command-line interface (CLI).



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Re: Diferences between ACS express and ACS

Ok. I appreciate it. I saw what you sent me in the datasheet but that means that normal ACS cannot be remotely administered or even remotely updated?

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Re: Diferences between ACS express and ACS

I have a question on the ACS Express regarding the 50 device limitation--Is that a hard limit based on processing or some kind of licensing limit? This seems perfect for what I need (no SOLARIS machines, no Windows Servers allowed in my DMZ etc.), but I actually have closer to 150 devices...

Thanks and sorry for hijacking the Thread,


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