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dot1x & PVLANs

HI All, any body has tried configuraing pvlans with 802.1x..both can work together or not ? what about protected mode, can it work with dot1x. my requirement is to block communication between guest laptops if they are from different company but if they are from same company they should talk each other if port is configured for 802.1x & guest laptops are not talking 802.1x it possible?

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Re: dot1x & PVLANs


Yes, it is possible to use 802.1x with dynamic vlan assignment.

Please see link below

Basically base on the user or computer Radius can assign the computer to a different VLAN using the same SSID.

If you have any question about this configuration please reply back.

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Re: dot1x & PVLANs

Hi, My question was 802.1x with PVLAN on switches not wireless. I want to configure port authentication for switchport at the same time want to use Private vlans on switch ports

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Re: dot1x & PVLANs

Hi Jain,

The configuration on the ACS is the same, on the switch just configure regular dot1x and something to take in consideration is that the port should be configure in switch port mode trunk.

The ACS is the one that assign the VLAN, also make sure that the switch know all the vlan's.

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