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Dynamic User Group Role for ASA 8 ACS 4 External Windows DB

1. I've successfully got a Win2003 AD user to authenticate to the ASA via an ACS but the default group settings the dynamic user becomes part of don't get transfered to the user. How do I get the user to adopt the group settings?

2. ASDM recommends nabling authentication for admin console sessions so you don't ssh into a box then have to login as the enable password which isn't logged. When I check the box for this feature I can ssh to the ASA but my password is denied ASA. How do I keep the user credentials all the way to the privilege exec mode?

3. Back in the day I could configure the ACS shell, privilege 15, custom attributes cisco-av-pair "priv-lvl-15" to get a user to jump directly to privilege exec mode. This doesn't work now. Is there a different way to do this on ACS v 4?

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Re: Dynamic User Group Role for ASA 8 ACS 4 External Windows DB

You have to change the ASA parameters to allow the user to directly login to privilege level 15 mode. Following link may help you

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Re: Dynamic User Group Role for ASA 8 ACS 4 External Windows DB

Try this:

aaa authentication enable console

aaa authorization command

on ACS go to the user or group that the user is in and go to enable options and click on "Max Privilege for any AAA client" and set it to "15". Then go to the "tacacs+" section on click on "Shell(exec)" and click on "Privilege leve" and enter 15. Then go to the "Shell command authorization set" and set the default to permit any commands not listed. This will get the user into privilege mode. In ASA/Pix it requires command authorization and authentication for enable console. On IOS it requires that you use aaa authentication exec and then the aaa authorization exec/command. This will allow the user to go straight into privilege mode instead of user mode.

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