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EAP/TLS Auth issues

I have several Aironet 1100 AP's which are configure to use EAP/TLS to authenticate against a Cisco ACS server.

We are using Aironet 350 pcmcia cards. This setup had been working up until friday when we moved the ACS server to a new IP address. Since then if I try to connect using the Cisco software bundled with the 350 pcmcia card it fails authentication. If I use the windows wireless config it works perfectly. Unfortuantley most of the pcs are running win 2000 so I need to get the cisco software working again.

In ACS failed Auth logs I get the following message "Invalid message authenticator in EAP request" but from the other AP's I see nothing in the logs.

I have checked the keys are correct and the user certificate is ok as I can connect using the inbuilt Win XP config util.

I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do next.


Re: EAP/TLS Auth issues

Hi Rob,

The error is common for 802.1x.

You mentioned the problem started when you assigned new IP to the ACS. Have you tried to generate new ACS cert (running on new IP) again and load it to the client?






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