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Error: Cannot set new NIC configuration

I have ACS appliance with 4.2 when i want to the basic ip setting it throws this error ,i did reboot and image recovery nothing appears any idea what s goin on this box ? what a stupid behaviour


Re: Error: Cannot set new NIC configuration

You may be running in bug : CSCsw45464.

Upgrade to 4.2 patch 8 or later ( that should fix the issue.

The root cause of the software bug is : the NIC goes administratively down in some appliances for a certain period after toggling the NIC adapter.

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Re: Error: Cannot set new NIC configuration

But i must have ip communication to do ftp and upgrade this patch , how to get image CD for any idea not available at CCO download so we can make image CD

Re: Error: Cannot set new NIC configuration

Make sure you have network cable plugged in at the time to setting up ip address. If still you see error, set it up to take ip via dhcp and then you should be able to upgrade it.



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Re: Error: Cannot set new NIC configuration

Here is the link to download patch. Please check out readme file before you upgrade it.



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Re: Error: Cannot set new NIC configuration

To be more precise than the previous post :

Following steps to be done if IP is not taken by the appliance

a. Toggle nic by issuing command "toggle nic"

b. Wait for a minute or two until appliance is

populated with automatic DHCP IP.

c. To verify the above mentioned step, issue "show"


d. Once appliance is populated with an IP, try

setting new IP configuration, should be set successfully.

Then you can go ahead and download the patch file.

If you need help to locate the patch file, contact TAC.

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Re: Error: Cannot set new NIC configuration

Yep i have gone through the readme.txt file it shows below procedure

On the distribution server:

1.Extract the

2.Run autorun.bat

On the appliance:

1.Stop CSAgent from CLI.

2.Issue the command "download + ipaddress of the machine from you are running the bat file"[Eg: download] from CLI of appliance.

3.You should be asked if to proceed,type "yes".

4.Then Issue the command upgrade.

5.Follow the above mentioned steps and apply the "" also.

6.Once the upgrade is successfull,start CSAgent.

7.Reboot appliance (If any of the ACS service failed to start)

but i don't have any ip address for the appliance yet , means no L3 connectivity

when i try to assign IP Address with set ip command i throws an error

"Error: Cannot set new NIC configuration

by deafult i doesn't have any management IP Address to access the device

please help how do we achieve this task

we need to have CD/DVD image CD autoboot feature with version which is not available at CCO login

Re: Error: Cannot set new NIC configuration

Try to toggle the NIC as mentioned earlier and switch to dhcp.

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Re: Error: Cannot set new NIC configuration

My folks there is no

toggle command any such available on the appliance i don't what you r reffering to

please see below


? List commands

unlock guiadmin Unlock GUI Administrator

remove guiadmin Remove GUI Administrator

add guiadmin Add GUI Administrator

backup Backup Appliance

download Download ACS Install Package

exit Log off

exportgroups Export group information to an FTP server

exportlogs Export appliance diagnostic logs to FTP server

exportusers Export user information to an FTP server

help List commands

ntpsync NTP synch with predefined NTP servers

ping Verify connections to remote computers

reboot Soft reboot appliance

restart Restart ACS services

restore Restore Appliance

rollback Rollback patched package

set Set commands

set admin Set administrator's name

set domain Set DNS domain

set hostname Set appliance's hostname

set ip Set IP configuration

set password Set administrator's password

set dbpassword Set database encryption password

set time Set timezone, enable NTP synch or set date and time

set timeout Set the timeout for serial console with no activity

show Show appliance status

shutdown Shutdown appliance

start Start ACS services

stop Stop ACS services

support Collect logs, registry and other useful information

tracert Determine the route taken to a destination

upgrade Upgrade appliance ( stage II )

also i tried setup commands and even in cisco documentation no such command available

if some can elobrate more

Re: Error: Cannot set new NIC configuration

Don't go for toggle option. Please apply patch 12 and that should fix this issue.



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