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Extraxi announces log collector/parser for ACS v5.x

Extraxi is pleased to announce support for ACS v5.x (ISE coming soon) via a new bullk collector and parser. With the ACS v5 log support toolset customers will be able to schedule the bulk download of ACS 5 log data from any number of servers. Once downloaded our flexible parser will convert the proprietary formatted logs back into CSV ready for import into extraxi aaa-reports! or other analysis tool.

This provides easy access to RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication, diagnostic and session data plus detailed error and debug messages, in fact anything that finds its way into the local log store repository.

The configurable parser is able to pull out just the ACS events you are interested in plus any number of the accompanying attributes and allows column renaming and mapping of specific events (or groups of events) to a given CSV file.

Summary of features:

  • Automated and scheduled bulk collection of ACS logs from multiple servers
  • Provides backup collection for "off server" log archiving
  • Flexible conversion of ACS format logs back into CSV
  • Includes a pre-configuration to map ACS v5 logs back to ACS v4 style CSV files/columns

For more information or to request a 60 day trial version, visit


Extraxi announces log collector/parser for ACS v5.x

For anyone who regularly has to trawl ACS logs for diagnosis or forensic analysis...


and after...

New Member

Extraxi announces log collector/parser for ACS v5.x

Is the support for ISE available now? Basically I want a parser which can parse ISE logs/backup etc and give information such as what configuration change was done, by whom , when etc.



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