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Flexconnect with ISE Issue

Hi Everyone,

I have a issue trying to deploy Flexconnect in WLC integrated with ISE.

In the scenario, the users are working properly through the wireless network and they are able to authenticate, the NAC agent is invoked and everyone can get authorization access to the network using Radius NAC as NAC State. But when we tick the feature ""FlexConnect Local Switching"" and change the users cannot get IP Address from DHCP and the client status in WLC show POSTURE_REQD.

We can see this in ISE that the user is able to authenticate but never get authorization and the NAC state is not showing in the PC.

Any idea about this issue?? This is maybe any limitation or configuration error?


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Flexconnect with ISE Issue

There are some documents for this type of deployment:

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Flexconnect with ISE Issue

Hi Iwen,

I tried to deploy flexconnect based on that configuration guides. But still it not work. The clientes never get IP Address by DHCP, and on ISE i can see that the stop in posture compliant process. The NAC agent never is show it.

Some idea about this issue?


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