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Integrating ACS5.3 with NCS/Prime and AD auth


Currenly trying to do the following  -

Integrate a new ACS 5.3 with Cisco prime NCS  .

We want to use AD for authentication.

I have AD auth working to ordinary cisco switches already via the ACS 5.3 but prime NCS refuses to authenticate.

When i try and log in i get this popup -  No authorization found for remote Authentication User.

Please check the correctness of the associated task(s) and Virtual Domain(s) in the Remote Server.

I have found this link -

I have followed this as far as it goes but i dont want to use a user i want to use AD so i have pretty

much followed it except i have not created a user.

Instead i created the custom attributes and common tasks on a shell profile.

And using a Default device admin/Authorisation with custom attributes 0 - 15 privileges

and AD as identity.

Sadly cannot talk to the NCS at all using my AD logon in spite of the fact  i can talk to everything else.

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Integrating ACS5.3 with NCS/Prime and AD auth

Did this ever get resloved. I se ethe same issue . We don;t wnat ot create uses , just tie to AD that is already in TACACS.

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