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Integration of ACS with RSA


I am Puneet Gupta.We have Nexus7009 at client network but due to limitaion of Nexus switches that they can not be directly integrate Nexus with RSA so client has purchased cisco ACS for the AAA.

We are able to do the authenication and autorization via ACS.However clients wants to further intigrate the ACS with RSA so that authenication should happen via RSA and authorzation should happen ACS.

Is that possible ? if yes, how can i configure the ACS ?


Puneet Gupta


Integration of ACS with RSA

Hello Puneet

Yes it's possible. You have to create the "sdconf.rec" file in RSA specifying the IP addresses of the ACS. Then you can import that file into ACS. This is the initial step to get ACS and RSA talk to each other. Later you can configure the authentication and authorization policies. Are you using ACS 4.x or ACS 5.x ?

Here's the screenshot of ACS 5.x when adding the RSA "sdconf.rec". Please rate if it helps

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Integration of ACS with RSA


Thanks a ton for the inforamtion.I have already add the RSA in ACS 5.2 and i am able to login in nexus switches by the users which are created in RSA.

However i am not able to set the autorization policy for those users.I am just able to login via RSA users and not able to anything else.

So my question is how can i set the authorization policy for users craeted in RSA?

ACS version 5.2

Nexus7009 Switches


Puneet Gupta

New Member

Integration of ACS with RSA

I'm in having the same problem.

ACS version is 5.1

Any help would be appreciated.



Integration of ACS with RSA

Hello Joe. I guess you'have already integrated ACS with RSA but you want to create some policies.

What are the authorization policies you want to create ?

New Member

Integration of ACS with RSA

Hi Joe

has you problem been resolved .If not please let me know what exactly you want to configure in ACS ?

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