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ISE 1.2.1 - RADIUS service down after Promoting Secondary PAN

Hi Experts,

I have currently a ISE deployment where I run a Dual Node construct (both 3495)

ISE-1: PAN (Primary), MNT (Secondary), PSN

ISE-2: PAN (Secondary), MNT (Primary), PSN


When ISE-1 fails and ISE-2 is promoted to Primary PAN then the services are restarted. This causes also the radius service to go down which causes a full RADIUS outage. Also if ISE-1 is online again and is re-promoted, also both ISE instances restart simultanious the services which includes the RADIUS service. Again full RADIUS outage.


A ISE service restart takes about 10-15 minutes.


Is this "workes as designed" or a bug? I think this behavior was different in ACS 5.X


Best Regards Michael



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Based on your description

Based on your description this looks like expected behavior and it is documented in the guide below:





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List of working (Y) and Non

List of working (Y) and Non Working (N) if Primary PAP is down
Existing internal user radius auth : Y
Existing/New AD user radius auth : Y
Existing endpoint with no profile change : Y
Existing endpoint with profile change : Y
New endpoint learned via profiling : Y
Existing guest (LWA) : Y
Existing guest (CWA) : Y
Guest - Change Password : N (user must log in using old password)
Guest - AUP : Y (displayed for every login)
Guest - Max Failed Login Enforcement : N
New guest (Sponsored or Self-Registration) : N
Posture : Y
New Device Registration : N
Existing registered device : Y

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