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ISE 1.2 and WLC 7.4 Stability

We are deploying ISE 1.2 for wireless only and have been experiencing a lot of issues with central web auth on controllers on version 7.4MR2. It appears we are hitting a bug, but I am curious what others on ISE 1.2 have found as the best stable WLC code to use? Has anyone been experiencing issues on 7.4 specific to CWA and web redirect? We are encountering a problem where users are getting constantly thrown back to the guest portal page after about 5 to 10 minutes after successfully logging in. Thanks.

Hi,I have been running 7.4


I have been running on a production system for over 6 months with no visible issues.  The patch is a special release to fix Apple iOS7 captive portal bypass. Other than that, was pretty stable.

You might consider changing the Guest WLAN session timeout on the advanced page on the WLAN in the WLC to a higher number which may fix your re-authentication issue every 5-10 minutes.


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We actually disabled the

We actually disabled the session timeout. Didn't resolve this problem. We are working with TAC on an engineering build that is suppose to address this issue.

the issue is with 7.4MR2,

the issue is with 7.4MR2, this is a bug for CWA. you have done right thing to open a case in TAC.

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Hello, Did you disable the



Did you disable the WLC timeout as well? Can you run some debugs on the WLC and reproduce the issue.

If no timeout configure then you are right this might be a bug.

I used to support this product back in Cisco and I do remember a lot of issues with WLC version 7.4.





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