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ISE: Authentication vs Posturing - log coorelation?

Right from the start it is INCREDIBLY easy to see who is trying to login to the VPN using ISE...and then it is easy to get to the screen to tell you who passed/failed posturing.

What I am looking for is a way to tell if someone logged in but did not get postured at all. We have a handful of users that the NAC agent keeps disappearing, hanging, or just not responding. In these cases, I can see that they authenticate, but there is no entry I can find that says; hey this user logged in, but no posturing happened.

This would be extremely helpful in doing proactive support so we can contact these users and see what is going on.

Anyone know of a way to make this happen?



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Re:ISE: Authentication vs Posturing - log coorelation?

I think I ran into this issue and the problem lies in the way the username is missing when coa is sent to the ipn when a client is "compliant" I dont have an instance in 1.2 yet to see if this has changed with the new live authentications dashboard but it might be worth opening a tac case to see if the ipn loggin has changed.

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