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ISE Backup Issue


I've initiated a Full on demand Backup of my Administration node yet nearly 24 hours later I've still got nothing in teh Backup History and when checking the logs I can this message pretty much every hour on the hour

Exiting DB cleanup as ISE backup or restore is in progress

I've tried to view the Repository via the CLI interface and the command hangs as does the Write Memory command.

Does anyone know how to kill the Backup process or if this behaviour is normal?



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ISE Backup Issue

Certainly not normal. Normally around 10-20 minutes to complete. Does sound like the process is hung.

Not sure if there's a way of killing the process. Do you have the luxury of being able to reset the node? app stop ise, app start ise.

FTP? Or other?

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ISE Backup Issue

Hi Jason !

Due to the size of the Monitoring database, the backup process can take a while to complete. To save

time, you can perform incremental backups, after first completing an initial full database backup. A

recommended step, purging unwanted data during the backup process permanently deletes data from the

database, and can be configured as an automatic process.

More over please do the following in CLI application status ise, application stop ise, application start ise.

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ISE Backup Issue

Make sure that no other backup is running at the same time.

Check the available disk space for the configured repository.

Verify if a purge is in progress. Backup and restore operations will not work while a purge is in progress.

Verify if the repository is configured correctly.

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