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New Member

ISE clock question

I'm in the midst of setting up an ISE server but I noticed something. The clock is syncing with our NTP server, but it apparently has no setting for Daylight Savings Time, so it is currently 1 hour behind the rest of our systems. Is this going to cause an issue and if so, how is it fixed? Thanks!

Cisco Employee

ISE clock question

Can you please send me the following outputs from ISE command line interface :

1. Show version

2. Show running-config

3. Show timezone

Jatin Katyal

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New Member

Re: ISE clock question

   I changed the timezone to America/New York and it looks to be working. Thanks!

New Member

Re: ISE clock question

How did you configure time zone?
I use 'Stockholm/Sweden' (or reverse) and get CEST/CET with that.


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Re: ISE clock question

To set the system clock, use the


command in the EXEC mode. To remove this function, use the


form of this command.

clock set [month day hh:min:ss yyyy]

Syntax Description

clock set

The command that sets the system clock.


Current month of the year by name. Supports up to   three alphabetic characters. For example, Jan for January.


Current day (by date) of the month. Value = 0 to 31.   Supports up to two numbers.


Current time in hours (24-hour format), minutes, and   seconds.


Current year (no abbreviation).

Please Check the below guide which will be help for you:

Cisco Employee

Re: ISE clock question


Changing the time zone on a  Cisco ISE appliance after installation causes the Cisco ISE application  on that node to be unusable. However, the preferred time zone (default  UTC) can be configured during the installation when the initial setup  wizard prompts you for the time zone.

New Member

Re: ISE clock question

Wow, seriously?  Changing the timezone renders the appliance unusable?  That seems like a little it of a bug-like feature doesn't it?

How is one to change the timezone then? Perform a complete reinstall of the appliance?? What if it's a Standalone?

New Member

Re: ISE clock question

For the install we just did we configured it for EST time as per the requirement, now the clock is off by and hour. This must be a feature?

Cisco Employee

Re: ISE clock question

Cisco ISE currently automatically changes time for daylight savings time
depending on how the timezone was configured via the CLI.
Please see the following link for sample time zones:

New Member

Re: ISE clock question

Actually, selecting simple EST does not adjust automatically for Daylight Savings Time (DST) and this is why I had to change the timezone to specify a city (even though to my knowledge, there is no state in the EST timezone which does not also participate in DST).

Now someone mentions that changing the timezone breaks the appliance. If this is true, it's possibly the least robust solution I've seen from Cisco in years.

New Member

Re: ISE clock question

This is straight from TAC on what we need to do to correct the problem. I doubt we will push this remediation forward after this.

So the timezone itself is probably actually in EST (Eastern Standard Time), but this does not shift for daylight savings.

You will want yours to actually be EST5EDT to execute daylight savings (EDT).

I can provide you the process in which to change the timezone, but we do not recommend changing the timezone.  Changing it may cause database errors.  I have seen many systems work perfectly fine, but a couple that have corrupt due to the change.  This is simply a warning.

Attached is the procedure.

Step 3 is actually where the change in the config happens.

In step 4, you will see the application reset-config ise.  This will wipe your box to factory defaults. 

A few customer were able to simply 'reload' (reboot) the box and the change took place with no ill side affects and no need to restore backups.

Again, we do not recommend changing the timezone, but the choice is yours.

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