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ISE Error Code 500 ESXI 5.1

I currently have ISE version installed in an ESXI 5.1 lab environment  so I can get used to how it works but when logging in, I get the error code 500 message. I have tried it in both Firefox 26.0 and IE 11 on a Windows 7 Machine

The specs of the virtual machine are:

Hard disk 64GB

1 vCPU


Guest OS Red had enterpirise Linux 5 (32 Bit)

I am able to browe to the login screen using the DNS name and have also tested the lookup using nslookup. The DNS server resides on the same ESXI host and is Windows server 2012. I have also versified that the ise service is running using the CLI and tried restarting the service

I am going to try resetting the timezone as suggested in another post,

but I am just wondering if any one else knows of any other option before doing so as I image, if it was a live environment, resetting the ISE  to factory default may not be an option.

Any help would be appreciated.


Cisco Employee

ISE Error Code 500 ESXI 5.1


Can you post the output of show application status ise?

Also, the fact that you are running half of the minimums for CPU and RAM could be causing this error.  You should have at least 2 CPU cores and 4 GB RAM for ISE 1.1.1

New Member

ISE Error Code 500 ESXI 5.1

The output is as follows:

ISE Database listener is running, PID:4093

ISE Database is running, number of processes: 33

ISE Application Server is running, PID: 5587

ISE M&T Database session is running, PID: 3741

ISE M&T Log Collector is running, PID: 5736

ISE M&T Log Processor is running, PID: 5812

ISE M&T Alert Process is running, PID 5631

I have upgraded the ISE VM to Quad core and 4GB of ram. It has been allocated 68.70GB of HDD.

The ISE will not be going into production, it is only for training purposes.

The error 500 is still occuring.


New Member

ISE Error Code 500 ESXI 5.1

You should be using ISE version 1.2 patch 5 for the following reasons:

1- it is a 64 bits platform (your VM 5.1 definitely supports redhat 5 64bits because it is what ISE 1.2 is built on),

2- much more stable platforms than 1.1.x platform,

3- you will need to set at least 100GB (thin provision) to run 1.2 patch-5 in VMs

That is not to say that ISE version 1.2 patch 5 is problem free but there are so many issues in version 1.1.x that version 1.2 patch-5 is a big improvement over 1.1.x

my 2c,

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