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ISE Guest Access- Redirect to URL after successful logon

Currently, when guest users attempt to browse they get redirected to the guest portal.  After login, they get a message that they can now access the original URL.  Is there a way to automatically redirect to the URL they were trying to access, or remember the URL after they login?


No this is not possible

No this is not possible

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If you changed from CWA to

If you changed from CWA to LWA, then the controller can redirect you again to a default web page configured on the WLC itself.


With CWA, you cannot.

Cisco Employee

ISE guest flow :The user

ISE guest flow :

  1. The user associates to the web authentication Service Set Identifier (SSID).
  2. The user opens the browser.
  3. The WLC redirects to the guest portal (such as ISE or NGS) as soon as a URL is entered.
  4. The user authenticates on the portal.
  5. The guest portal redirects back to the WLC with the credentials entered.
  6. The WLC authenticates the guest user via RADIUS.
  7. The WLC redirects back to the original URL
Cisco Employee

It is not possible to have

It is not possible to have redirection after redirection . CWA does not support redirect to original URL. Since NAD does not cache the original request, it cannot redirect user after CoA. After CoA (successful web auth), a new user uthorization is sent and URL redirection is removed from the interface session. so NAD has no knowledge of original URL. With CWA, user is authenticated directly on ISE and CoA is sent to provide final access policy on re-auth

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