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ISE Guest Portal redirection not working

I have built a lab at home. I have a Win2008 Server for AD/DNS, ISE 1.2 (VM trial), a 3560-cg switch, 2500 WLC and 2602i AP. I have configured everything as per the documentations online. My issue is that when I connect to the open SSID, it gets connected and has the dns server populated as well, but the redirection never takes place. I can search for google or but it just stays at looking up host or something. However, if i take the redirect URL from the WLC and then do it on the browser, it does go to the guest portal. Let me know what issues I can see and if there is any other information I can provide.

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Re:ISE Guest Portal redirection not working

Issue resolved.

Since my lab environment didnt have access to the internet and hence dns servers would not resolve any public ips. But when an address is resolvable by a dns then it redirects nicely. For test I created a dns entry on the dns server itself and tested it.

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