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ISE ise-upgradebundle-1.1.x-to- fails

Hi, folks.

Anyone here who used "ise-upgradebundle-1.1.x-to-" to upgrade his/hers ISE distributed deployment successfully ???

I have tried it, using the procedure described in the Cisco ISE Upgrade Guide 1.2, it already fails at Step 1: Upgrading the secondary Administration Node first:

- Data upgrade step 26/80, GuestUpgradeService( Done in 0 seconds.

- Data upgrade step 27/80, ProfilerUpgradeService( Done in 6 seconds.

- Data upgrade step 28/80, NetworkAccessUpgrade( Done in 0 seconds.

- Data upgrade step 29/80, GuestUpgradeService( Done in 4 seconds.

- Data upgrade step 30/80, NSFUpgradeService( Done in 0 seconds.

- Data upgrade step 31/80, RBACUpgradeService( .Done in 96 seconds.

- Data upgrade step 32/80, NSFUpgradeService( Done in 0 seconds.

- Data upgrade step 33/80, AuthzUpgradeService( Done in 0 seconds.

- Data upgrade step 34/80, RegisterPostureTypes( ..........................Failed.

Rolling back the configuration database...

Starting application after rollback...

% Warning: Do the following steps to revert node to its pre-upgrade state.

-Register this node back to old Primary

error: %post(CSCOcpm-os-1.2.0-899.i386) scriptlet failed, exit status 1

% Application upgrade failed. Please check logs for more details or contact Cisco Technical Assistance Center for support.

The running version is 1.1.4 with latest patch:

Cisco Application Deployment Engine OS Release: 2.0

ADE-OS Build Version:

ADE-OS System Architecture: i386

Copyright (c) 2005-2011 by Cisco Systems, Inc.

All rights reserved.

Hostname: ise-worf

Version information of installed applications


Cisco Identity Services Engine


Version      :

Build Date   : Wed Apr 10 22:20:22 2013

Install Date : Fri May  3 19:16:05 2013

Cisco Identity Services Engine Patch


Version      : 1

Install Date : Wed May 29 08:16:58 2013

Cisco Identity Services Engine Patch


Version      : 2

Install Date : Mon Jun 10 05:29:21 2013

Cisco Identity Services Engine Patch


Version      : 3

Install Date : Wed Jul 17 08:45:02 2013  

The script tells me to check the logs ... but for what ??? Local log file (sh logg) is packed with errors (java, eap, cert ...) .......

Contacting TAC for support is no option, because this is a test deployment only .....

The same thing also happens, when I switch both Admin nodes (switch the primary to secondary) and try to upgrade the "new" secondary ..

Any ideas ???

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Cisco Employee

Re: ISE ise-upgradebundle-1.1.x-to- fails


You need to have root patch of some sort (TAC patch, root patch, rpssh) to access the logs

From my lab device:

[root@mlatosieISENBC logs]# pwd


[root@mlatosieISENBC logs]# ls -la *20130729*

-rw-r--r-- 1 root   gadmin 242780 Jul 29 13:12 isedbupgrade-data-global-20130729-125207.log

-rw-rw-rw- 1 oracle gadmin   5249 Jul 29 12:52 isedbupgrade-schema-20130729-124515.log

Those are the logs from my upgrade done yesterday.


New Member

ISE ise-upgradebundle-1.1.x-to- fails

Out of interest, how did you even obtain this file?

We've purchased an ISE NFR license from the Partner Evaluation Software site and it's shipped with 1.1.1, on a USB stick (software and NFR license).

We can't download the file

ise-upgradebundle-1.1.x-to- due to "additional entitlement" - so we are stuck with an outdated NFR version.

Cisco Employee

ISE ise-upgradebundle-1.1.x-to- fails

I think this is the reason; you are not able to upgrade it successfully. You need the below file for upgrading.


ISE ise-upgradebundle-1.1.x-to- fails

That is exactly the file I used ......

ISE ise-upgradebundle-1.1.x-to- fails

Little update:

The upgrade also fails (with same error) when trying to upgrade a freshly installed ise v1.1.4 Patch 1-3, (Secondary Admin Node only) which is also part of a distributed deployment ....

New Member

ISE ise-upgradebundle-1.1.x-to- fails

Hi TS,

Did you upgrade your NFR the first time and later on the test on 1.1.4 patch 3 evaluation license?

ISE ise-upgradebundle-1.1.x-to- fails


There is a bug realted to blank posture policies documented at the end of this thread.

Just for your reference, I was able to upgrade my instance by reimaging to 1.2 and restoring my 1.1.x backup.

Tarik Admani
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Tarik Admani *Please rate helpful posts*
New Member

ISE ise-upgradebundle-1.1.x-to- fails

I have the same problem and the tac team recommended to do a fresh 1.2 install and restore the application backup from 1.1.4.

Cisco Employee

ISE ise-upgradebundle-1.1.x-to- fails


There is a known defect CSCui58123 for this issue and here is the workaround to fix this issue and upgrade to go smooth.

In the below patch please check your requirement policy's conditions and set the valid condition for the policy which has "Select Conditions" option as shown below.

Policy > Policy Elements > Results > Posture > Requirements 
The requirement policy has a condition that is not set.  Shows "Select Conditions"

Even if you do a fresh install and restore the ISE 1.1.4 backup to ISE 1.2 you are prone to hit this issue. As this is related to data , the upgrade model of the data is one and the same when you restore the ISE 1.1.4 data backup to ISE 1.2 and when you trigger the upgrade on ISE 1.1.4.

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