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ISE Labs on GNS3

Hi Guys,


I got ISE installed on VMware workstation to practice ISE features on GNS3. When I used the default images for 3600/3700 modules I didn't get all AAA commands needed to work with ISE. I went through switch recommended settings explained in: but I stumbled into the interface configuration commands which were not supported on GNS hardware modules.

When checking the compitable devices with ISE in: I thought to download the 3750E image from Cisco website and use it in GNS3 in the 3700 platform. But when doing that, I got dynamips Error:

DynamipsError: 209-unable to start VM instance 'ghost-c3750e-ipbasek9-mz.150-2.SE5.bin-'


My question is: What switch image we can use in GNS3 to support all ISE features as presented in Cisco documentation? and how can we integrate it with GNS3?






you can see the ISE

you can see the ISE compatible devices and ios on this link

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Thank you guys, So, there is

Thank you guys,


So, there is no way to install a switch image like 3750 on GNS3 and use with ISE?

What I understand that Dynamips on GNS3 support only specific hardware platforms:

So, we can't download the latest image for 3750 from Cisco website and use it on the 3700 hardware on GNS3 because it supports only 3725 and 3745, is that right? I tried that by the way and didn't work

When I used the 3745 image I got most of the needed AAA commands but not the ones under the interface configuration to support dot1X and MAB. Is there anyway we can use real Cisco image on the available hardware platforms on GNS3?




Cisco Employee

not all Switch full features

not all Switch full features(dot1x)) are supported in GNS3

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