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ISE Policies

Hi All

I am using a 5760 wireless controller running 3.6 code and an ISE appliance running 1.2.1 code.

I have 3 SSIDs configured and I want to be able to differentiate between them in the ISE Profiles.

The only logical way I can see to differentiate between policy sets in ISE is to use the SSIDs.

However, I can't seem to get the policies working using the SSIDs.

I've found a document that states you have to use Radius Called Station ID=*(:SSID)$ but this format either doesn't work or the 5760 isn't sending the SSID in the Radius request.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this?

I know that you can tell a 5508 controller to send the SSID but I can't verify that the 5760 is actually sending it until I can set up some wireshark captures.

Any ideas of how to create separate ISE Policies for the different SSID clients?



Cisco Employee

Please attach a copy of the

Please attach a copy of the config

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This does indeed work

This does indeed work (Airespace-Wlan-Id EQUALS <WLAN ID value>) and is what I am currently using as a resolution. My preference is to use a specific SSID but there is a bug that stops it working at the moment. I am using the WLAN Index as the condition for the Policy Sets.

Please post the Authorization

Please post the Authorization policies over here. Refer

New Member

Hi Roger,What's working for

Hi Roger,

What's working for me is to use this in each Policy Set:

Airespace-Wlan-Id EQUALS <WLAN ID value>

Seems to work for my site, hope it helps.



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