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ISE Replication Issue

Hi All

I have a pair of ISE appliances running code.

I have the 2 nodes setup as primary and secondary and they were synced OK.

There was a DNS issue in the network and the ISE nodes were not able to resolve the hostname of the other node so the link between the 2 dropped.

The DNS issue was resolved but the connection stayed down and there doesn't seem to be anyway to re-initiate the connection.

My solution was to de-register the secondary node and then register it again. However, although the de-registration seemed to go OK, the secondary node never came back up in standlaone mode so I was unable to register it on the primary again.

The only solution seemed to be to re-image the appliance.

This seems a very drastic solution for a simple issue such as DNS failing.

Does anyone have any useful comments on this issue?

Cisco Employee

Under the deployment tab you

Under the deployment tab you should see a button called "Syncup." You should be able to select the node that is out of sync and re-sync it. Deregistering and registering the node again should also do the trick. What error are you getting when trying to register it?


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Community Member

Hi NenoThe syncup button was

Hi Neno

The syncup button was disabled and wouldn't do anything. That's why I elected to de-register the secondary.

The de-registration went OK but when I tried to register the secondary node the message I got was that the node wasn't in 'standalone mode' and therefore couldn;t be registered.

Logging into the secondary showed no options to switch it back to standalone. I attempted to change it from secondary to primary but that wouldn't work either. The only option left was to re-image.

Having done the re-image I was able to register the second node successfully.



Cisco Employee

That is interesting.

That is interesting. Unfortunately, we can't troubleshoot it anymore since you already re-imaged the node and fixed your issue :) Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback and good job on resolving your issue (+5 from me). 

If your issue is resolved you should probably mark the thread as answered :)


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