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ISE Self Service Portal Customisation.

Hello community!

I have been hacking around with the Self Service portal on the ISE.  I have it working nearly as I wish it too, having edited self_registration.html to my satisfaction.

The issue is, I get details in the OUPUT of the self_registration_result.html screen pop that I do not wish to display.  The screen outputs all the details previously input, even though I only want to show the username and password.  The contents of self_registration_result.html do not even reference the other variables.  Specifically, I wish to exclude the email address.

See below.  No mention of the outputting of the email address.

                    <form id="form" method="post" action="/guestportal/LoginCheck.action" onsubmit="getDynamicAction(this);">
                        <input type="hidden"  name="" id="username" alt="Username">
                        <input type="hidden"  name="guestUser.password" id="password" alt="Password">
                        <input alt="" name="redirect" id="redirect" type="hidden" value=""/>
                        <input alt="" name="switch_url" id="switch_url" type="hidden" value=""/>
                        <input alt="" name="err_flag" id="err_flag" type="hidden" value=""/>
                        <input alt="" name="byodSessionId" id="byodSessionId" type="hidden" value=""/>
                        <input alt="" name="byodAction" id="byodAction" type="hidden" value=""/>
                        <button type="submit" id="button-submit" class="global-btn">Log In</button>





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Sample HTML for Custom Pages


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Not bad for a canned response

Not bad for a canned response, but I have read this before and have this covered.

I am after a more specific answer - those docs do not provide the answer I am after.




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1.3 was released a couple of

1.3 was released a couple of weeks ago and allows complete interactive customization with real time previews of both the mobile and desktop browser pages for the portals. You're much better off with that vs. hacking through customization in 1.2.

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Specifically, the stuff I

Specifically, the stuff I wish to delete from the result pop is circled in the attached image.



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This customization option is

This customization option is not available in ISE 1.2 version. Have to check in ISE 1.3 as there are major changes in Guest functionality.

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Self registered guest sponsor

Self registered guest sponsor approval flow

ISE 1.2 - needs some customization and coding to make the user process nicer 

Custom self registration page:
Use the first and last name to create the account as the email address will be that of the sponsor
Use one of the optional fields (titled as email address of the requester)
Normal email address required would be that of the sponsor (person receiving the email with creds to forward along), 
The success page would state that the credentials are being sent to the sponsor and once approved will receive via email back from them.
Its self registration with approval and the flow is through email (no status page on sponsor portal)
Make sure restrict the email domain that can be entered to that of the company only (otherwise there is a break down as guest can put their own). See this guide entry.
Additionally, you can modify the email template to send the correct data to employees:
Dear Sponsor,
A guest with email address $OPTION1$ requested an account
If you authorize this request, username is $USERNAME$ and password is $PASSWORD$
Risk is the sponsor knows the credentials of their approved guest
See sample page from Viktor Brokov or use the ISE 1.2 Guest Portal Builder

Here is the flow that was done for a turkish bank with partner middleware - Ozgur Guler (ozgguler) SE

1)      Guest connects to guestWLAN and opens a browser. He is redirected to ISE guest portal.

2)      When he clicks “Self registration” , he goes to a middleware’s web service that is just looking like ISE portal. Our partner NetSec developed this middleware.
3)      He enters his name,surname, year of birth,national ID number, mobile number, sponsor’s mail, etc.
4)      The middleware firstly checks the validity of the guest from a government web service. It checks name, surname, year of birth and ID number validity.
5)      If they are valid, the middleware sends an email to sponsor to get an approval.
6)      If sponsor clicks the link in mail, it is approved and middleware creates a username on ISE using our current API (they will shift to Guest API when it is available)
7)      After creating the user, the middleware sends a command to SMS gateway to send credentials to the guest.
8)      Guest logins.
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