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ISE SMTP authentication

I am trying to use ISE to send mail to the guest users with their credentials , the problem is ISE didn't use any authentication to use mail account also we can't change the SMTP port on it to allow authentication bypass on SMTP server.

can we request this feature from Cisco? 

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You must set up a Simple Mail

You must set up a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server to send email notification to the guest user. This server is also used to send email to the short message service (SMS) gateway to deliver the SMS text message.

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"Failed sending email to the

"Failed sending email to the following guest users: tmail001.  Unknown SMTP host:x.x.x.x"

As per your post, what I

As per your post, what I understand is , you want a phase of authentication if a particular Email ID of Guest is used as recipient of Credentials? Am I correct? If it is something else , could you elaborate what exactly you want to achieve?

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Hi Ibrahim, This is a feature

Hi Ibrahim,


This is a feature which is not supported as of now, but as you mention, there is an enhancement open for this.

CSCuc97869 is the enhancement number.  Getting in touch with your Sales team will help them build a business case for this and speed up progress on integrating this into ISE.




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1.4 and u guys still dont

1.4 and u guys still dont have it? I dont understand that.

From one of my customer perspective they are not allowed to use ISE email notification cause their security policy doesn't allow  ISE to just relay emails. We are also forced to change the port but ISE cant do it.


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Hi Devrat,

Hi Devrat,

Any news on this? We have Gmail as email application, and you can only configure SMTP with START TLS authentication....

Cisco should have this option by default, right?



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For Google mail hosted

For Google mail hosted service use:, set the sender as an internal account. This will work fine.

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