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Issues with Cisco Security Manager 4.3

Hello Everyone,

I am using Cisco Security Manager Version 4.3 This is the latest release. I'm facing a bunch of issues which are listed below. I would appreciate if someone could help me fix them

1. CSM database backup scheduling - I've scheduled backup of CSM database weekly once. I want to know what happens to the past weeks baackup? Is the new backup differential backup etc....

2. casuser: This is a local user created by CSM 4.3 For some reason the CSM abruptly goes down saying that the anynymous user not created. Then i go to cd setup cd support and run resetcasuser.exe restore the password to the old password and then restart the daemon service. This brings the CSM back up. This is the day to day story, I'm not sure how to fix this

3. CSM 4.3 requires some veritas solution. We're having a DR solution by EMC. I want to know if the CSM can be packeged like something in linux. The EMC DR solution basically does a bit by bit replication to the other end.

4. My company policy does not allow me to use default username "admin" in my case. How to change the default username

5. My company policies also do not support the default CSM roles. Hence I've copied the default roles and created new ones based on them. My authorization does not happen. I've integrated CSM 4.3 with Cisco ACS 5.2 which is backend integrated with Microsoft AD. I'm using authentication with ACS and local RBAC for authorization and accounting.

6. If a valid AD user tries to login into the CSM the CSM authenticates him/her but because that user is not mapped to any role the CSM does not allow the said user to login. But ends up authenticating him/her. This is the default behaviour of CSM. How should I stop that? I just want users mapped to respective roles to be authenticated by the ACS



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