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Moving an ACS Remote Agent Logging Location?

I want to move the location of the CSAgent logs for ACS v 4.2 from the C drive to drive D of a domain controller as seen below.

I've looked in the ACS User guide but couldn't find a reference as to where this is configured under System Configuration / Logging.

Once the location is changed does the ACS Agent need to be stopped and started on the DC?

Directory of C:\Program Files\Cisco\CiscoSecure ACS  Agent\CSAgent\Logs

03/08/2010  05:14 AM    <DIR>          .

03/08/2010  05:14 AM    <DIR>           ..

01/22/2010  11:16 AM        10,485,850 ACSRemoteAgent  2009-09-24(18-38-20).log

01/29/2010  10:03 PM        10,485,804 ACSRemoteAgent  2010-01-22(11-16-12).log

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Re: Moving an ACS Remote Agent Logging Location?


     You will need to uninstall the remote agent and reinstall it specifying the D drive as the install Destination Folder.

     If you want to keep your existing logs you will need to manually copy them out of the remote agent folder before

     you uninstall the current agent and then copy them into the new location after your re-install.

     There is no logging directory setting for the Remote Agent unfortunatly.


Re: Moving an ACS Remote Agent Logging Location?

Thanks Jesse.

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