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NAC and AVG 2014 antivirus

When will NAC Agent support AVG 2014 antivirus software released in the past week? Right now, NAC Agent says that I need to update my antivrius software. However, I am using the very latest free version from AVG.

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NAC and AVG 2014 antivirus

Hi Hugo,


As regarding to the AV Definition Update and AS Definition Update requirement  type can be used to report on and update the definition files on a  client for supported antivirus or antispyware products. If the client  fails to meet the AV/AS requirement, the Agent communicates directly  with the installed antivirus or antispyware software on the client and  automatically updates the definition files when the user clicks the Update/Remediate button on the Agent dialog.

AV Rules incorporate extensive logic for antivirus vendors and  are associated with AV Definition Update requirements. AS Rules  incorporate logic for most antispyware vendors and are associated with  AS Definition Update requirements. For AV or AS Definition Update  requirements, there is no need to configure checks. You associate:

•AV Definition Update requirement with AV Rule(s) and user roles and operating systems

•AS Definition Update requirement with AS Rule(s) and user roles and operating systems

and configure the Agent dialog instructions you want the user to see if the AV or AS requirement fails.

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NAC and AVG 2014 antivirus

Muhammad --

Thank you for the quick response.

I clicked on the Update/Remediate button; that did not resolve the issue. A wheel, which indicated some type of action, would spin for more than an hour with no effect.

Before I logged in, I updated the AVG software, so no updates would have occurred anyway. Thus, we have a situation where the latest AVG Free antivirus software is not recognized. This seems to be a provider issue, not a user issue. I hope that you can resolve it.


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DId you get any update on this. I faced the same issues for free antivirus which is mentioned in the compatible matrix. Ever after the endpoint has definition updated till date, Nac agent not able to assess the AV definition properly and says its not complaint. But av definition on end point  shows the current date definition.


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