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Need BIOS password for old ACS SE

We recently upgraded our ACS SE 1112 to a SE 1113 model. The trade allows us to keep the old hardware. I want to use it for a test Windows or Linux server, however I can't seem to be able to break out of the locked-down Windows boot sequence. Occasionally I am able to press enough keys to get what looks like a BIOS password prompt. Does anyone know what that is?


Re: Need BIOS password for old ACS SE

Bios password is "acs1113" or "acs1112" depending on model.



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Re: Need BIOS password for old ACS SE

Thanks for the suggestion. I get challenged with 3 password prompts when I hit F12 during the boot sequence and neither password works. In fact, I'm not sure that is the BIOS password. But I did open a TAC case and they suggested removing the CMOS battery....which worked. Here's the sequence if I had to do it all over again:

1) boot with a diskette to find a utility to remove the master boot record. I used a 3x diskette OS/2 and used FDISK.

2) remove the cover. Take out the CMOS battery. Wait a minute or two and put it back in place.

3) reboot. Do not (yet) select F1 to setup the BIOS. Just hit the prompt to continue booting. The default boot sequence will boot from the CD.

4) Install your OS from the CD. During the install process if the box needs to reboot, do not (yet) hit F1.

5) after installation of the OS, at the next reboot, select F1 at the prompt, set up the BIOS (date/time, etc), exit and save.

It must have something to do with the SATA drive/controller and the IDE controller on the system board - but I could not find the correct BIOS settings to allow me to boot from CD if I pressed F1 after removing the CMOS battery and saved the BIOS configuration.

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