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no of AAA & RADIUS users

In a PIX515E Restricted bundle how many users can actually be assigned a AAA and RADIUS facility on the PIX

Cisco Employee

Re: no of AAA & RADIUS users

Could you rephrase the question please. Not sure what you mean by assinging AAA/Radius servers to a user. Do you mean how many AAA servers can you add into the PIX configuration, or how many users can authenticate thru the PIX to one AAA server?

New Member

Re: no of AAA & RADIUS users

the question is...

one of my customer is planning to buy PIX515E, for his office whcih is connected thru intrenet to US. The employees will be sharing their server with their US counterparts. Now the Number of employees in the particular office where the PIX is to be located is around 250users. The customer wants all the user to get accecs to the server in US using AAA & Radius. He is ok with only 50 concurrent user at any point of time. CAn he assign all the user with AAA facility or due to the harware restriction he can only assign AAA to 50 users

Cisco Employee

Re: no of AAA & RADIUS users

He can have all 250 authenticate thru the PIX to his one Radius server, the PIX doesn't have any limitation on that.

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