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No records in Live Authentications

We have not updated to 1.2.1 yet and are running the only changes made to the system was alarm settings, which was just adding emails to alarm notification in settings.


Four hours after the alarm notif. change we started gettings alerts that ISE had not had any authent requests, 2 days later it shows no records in LIve authent or live sessions 4 hours after the change. All subfeilds at the top(i.e., Misconfigured Network Devices, Repeat Counters) are all zero as well. Authentication still SEEMS to be working, i am still able to log into network devices and users are still getting domain access so we are really puzzled as to why nothing is being reported in the logs. On the home page of ISE, it also shows the system summary as "no data available" and we get "no heartbeat" alarms continuously and Critical : health status alerts.



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on primary Node CLI, under

on primary Node CLI, under configure app ise choosing commands 7 and 10 fixed the issue temporarily. roughly 24 hours later, issue reappeared. Seems to be an issue with the M&T database.

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ISE 1.2 Dashboard Statics do

ISE 1.2 Dashboard Statics do not update

Issue with the Live dashboard in ISE 1.1.4 not displaying information and only showing "No Data Available".

The Dash Board will run and work for awhile, but it will randomly stop updating any statistics on the dashboard.

Data will show and is seen in the database, but never updates per incoming/outgoing endpoints.

Live authentications will work fine as well as all users are able to be authenticated. Customer reports do not produce data.

Seen on multiple customer's deployments with fresh installs, a fresh install with a backup from a previous 1.1.x version, as well as upgrading to 1.1.4 from any earlier 1.1.x version.

Cisco ISE 1.2 or 1.1.4

Any browser

Distributed or single node deployment.

The workaround that fixes this M&T corruption is to enter the following commands below:

ms-ise-mgm01/admin# app config ise

Selection ISE configuration option
[1]Reset Active Directory settings to defaults
[2]Display Active Directory settings
[3]Configure Active Directory settings
[4]Restart/Apply Active Directory settings
[5]Clear Active Directory Trusts Cache and restart/apply Active Directory settings
[6]Enable/Disable ERS API
[7]Reset M&T Session Database
[8]Rebuild M&T Unusable Indexes
[9]Purge M&T Operational Data
[10]Reset M&T Database
[11]Refresh M&T Database Statistics
[12]Display Profiler Statistics

We need to select the following options:

7 to reset the session db
10 to reset the M&T database
11 to refresh the statistics (Possibly do not need. Was only needed in 1 case.)

Once you have run these commands the DashBoard should begin to display information.

This process can take up to 12 hours to complete all three steps. Roughly 1 to 3 hours per option selected.

Known Affected Releases:
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