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procedure for update ACS with cumulutative patch in large deployment



I try to find the info within the CCO website but fail.

All docs I found on the site is Upgrading for 5.3 to 5.4  or 5.4 to 5.5

In my case I would like just apply cumulutative patch to my existing 5.4 running deployment. to


My main concern is I use a large deployment scenario with multiple secondary server and one log collector.

The upgrade procedure mention, de-register all server one by one and change the log collector to be a standalone primary server.

Which cause me more downtime, loss of some logs, ...

For applying patch (update not upgrade), I think I can just use the pacth procedure and leave the setup as it is as I don't upgrade or change the database structure.

Update each server whenever the role he as (secondary, primary, log collector) one by one by just issue the :"acs patch install" command.

Does anyone have a advise or a past experience about update large deployment setup.


Thanks for your help.


New Member

Hi Steve,   You should remove

Hi Steve,


  You should remove the assosciation of the servers, then upgrade it. deregister the secondry server, make it primary, Upgrade it and then do it on Primary.



Minakshi(Do rate the helpful posts)

New Member

Hi Minakshi, I perform the

Hi Minakshi,


I perform the update before your post and I test without deregister all server.

So far, all was good.


I had no issue and the update tooks me very less time without following the full UPGRADE procedure.

The command had also a rollback for the update, so I take the risk.

This is certainly not the case for upgrade but update seems to easier.


Kind regards.



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