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Queries on ACS


I got the following quries on ACS which I would like your input on:

1- When using TACACS+ as the authentication protocol, I can set the enable password of a user to be for example the same as his login password, however I cannot find this option when using RADIUS protocol. Is it only available in TACACS+? If that is true, how can I control the enable password with RADIUS?

2- If I am upgrading from an old ACS version like ver 3.3 to version 4.0, if I backed up the config of ver 3.3 can I still restore it in ver 4.0? If not, when doing the upgrade will I lose any config?



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Re: Queries on ACS

1- As far as i know there is no enable password for RADIUS. ACS supports Separate (CHAP/MS-CHAP/ARAP).

2- ACS 3.3 dump cannot be restored on ACS 4.0.

When you are doing an upgrade you wont loose any config.

Before you install or upgrade ACS, you should back up the computer on which you install ACS by using a Windows backup utility .Include the Windows Registry in the backup.

If you are upgrading or reinstalling ACS, use the ACS Backup feature to back up the ACS configuration and database, and then copy the backup file to a drive that is not local to the computer running ACS.

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