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Radius with user privileges


i have a question.. i am building a test network en i want to be able to control the users

and with control i mean i want to be able to make sure that the can't delete the flash:

or the flash:vlan.dat

is there a way to to this with a windows 2008 R2 server..?

also what are the difference in privileges levels lets say:

level 1


level 2

and so on



Radius with user privileges

You can perform "command authorization" by using a TACACS servers like Cisco ACS.

Privilege level is a legacy tool to also perform "command authorization" but it's way better to use a TACACS server for that.

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Re: Radius with user privileges

Yes this helps allot THANKS!

I can do some testing with this TACACS

But i have lookt at some information about the server. But i can't seem to find, if its possible to limit the user to some commands en disable delete commands

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Radius with user privileges

If you have Cisco ACS 5.x you can use "command authorization sets" . There's a free trial of Cisco ACS 5.x so you can test it even if you haven't purchase it.

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