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RDBMS type for Action code 108

Hi All,

I need to import several hundred users into ACS 4.2. So far I can import the users and groups with no problem, but most of the user use RSA Tokens for authentication. Unfortunately, the RDBMS guide for action code 108 does not list RSA Token as a valid external database. It list all the other types, but not RSA. I wonder if the documentation is incomplete or it was omitted on purpose.

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Re: RDBMS type for Action code 108

In previous versions the value would be "PASS_TYPE_SDI" referring to Security Dynamics who went on to become RSA.

Appliance versions have/could not support this because it required 3td party dlls and various open ports.

Maybe they quietly dropped it from all versions. In which case you'd be forced into using the generic RADIUS authenticator and setting up the RSA RADIUS server to receive the requests. Then, of course you'll be running 2 RADIUS servers and might ask if that makes any sense at all.

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Re: RDBMS type for Action code 108

Hi Darran,

Thanks for the tip! PASS_TYPE_SDI worked for version 4.2 on Win2003 server. So they removed it from the documentation, but the db still supports it.

I was under the impression SDI was supported on version 4.2 for the appliance. I know its not on 4.1, but I thought maybe 4.2 would sneak the dll into the appliance.

Again thanks for your help.

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