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setting up hot desk with dot1x with ip phone

Is it possible to set up a multi use port that will use dot1x to authenticate several laptops, only 1 connected at a time, but I need the phone to automatically connect without having to make changes to the phone config as I don't have access to the Cisco call manager to set up the authentication.

Setup would be using catalyst 3650x at the access layer, various Cisco ip phones models and a Cisco acs 4.2 server doing the authentication. The laptops would be plugged in through the phone. The switch is already in use and setup and using both data and voice vlans, but now I need to enable it for several users. The acs is already setup to authenticate our wireless network so I'm planning on using the same setup for the wired side.

Have been going through the various guides but not sure on the phone pass through situation, any advice would be great.



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setting up hot desk with dot1x with ip phone


Since you are using cisco ip phones they will be able to get connected just fine. You can set the port to either multi-host (one user authenticates succesfully multiple devices are allowed on the network) or multi-auth (where each device will have to authenticate successfully). The phones will be able to join the network by using cdp-bypass in which where the phone is able to query the voice vlan of the port via cdp and tags its traffic on that vlan which bypasses dot1x authentication for the voice vlan.


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