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SFTP Backup does not work for ACS 5.3


We have ACS 5.3, and trying to set up sftp backup on freesshd server. SSH connection works, but ACS cannot copy backup file to sftp server, we get following errors:

Acs.MGMT.ACSVIEW Backup failed: CARS_XM_SSH_CONNECT : -306 : SSH connect error

FTP backup works fine.

Anyone has any idea what can be wrong?

Community Member

SFTP Backup does not work for ACS 5.3


I faced the same issue and found a lot of hints; but what helped the most was:

One thing is that ACS does in fact use SCP (secure copy protocol) to transfer the files. Not every SFTP server does  support SCP.

And what finally guided to the solution: 

In ACS 5.1/5.2, when you create an SFTP repository using the url sftp://server/path and use the "root" username, the backup that you take gets stored in the root/path directory of this repository.

ACS 5.3 uses absolute path and for the same commands, the backup is stored in the /path directory.

You should have permission to access this directory.

derived from :

I found that this is true for any user! That means that any user connecting to the server does not end up in its home-directory but in the root directory of the server, where it (hopefully) does not have write permissions.

==> the easiest way to solve that is to configure the absoltue path in the repository URL.

( eg:  sftp://SERVER_IP/home/acsuser/)



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