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Single Sign-on --- Port Authentication using ACS

One of our customer is interested in implementing single sign-on into the network. They have Windows 2000 servers part of Active Directory and lot of Unix servers (Sun and Intel).

They want to do Port authentication using ACS Server. I know authentication to AD will not be a problem, how will the authentication for the Unix servers will be handled. What needs to be done at the Unix server side.

When you have port authentication configured and if the ACS Server is down what happens to the port authentication.

Appreciate any inputs.


Re: Single Sign-on --- Port Authentication using ACS


If you have mixture of both unix database and AD, you can integrate unix flavor of ACS with the UNIX user database, but cannot integrate with AD. Same goes for ACS on Windows, can be integrated with AD but not with Unix database.

Regarding your second question, you can have 2 ACS server, one would be primary and other will be backup. So, when primary one goes down, you still can have backup.



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Re: Single Sign-on --- Port Authentication using ACS

Thank you for the response.

Authentication for the Unix Servers, can it be handled if customer implements some kind of LDAP authentication for the unix servers.

Can we authenticate users for AD and LDAP.

Regarding redundant ACS, is there any bypass mechanism available to bypass ACS Server if it down instead of going for redundant ACS server.

Appreciate your reply.

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Re: Single Sign-on --- Port Authentication using ACS

Customer has Cisco ACS Solution Engine 3.2

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