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Speed Issues

I am encountering issues with speed when plugged into my ASA 5520....I have a 10MB pipe.....I can plug into my ISP's router and speed is relative Average.....9MB down and 9MB up.....When I plug in my ASA to the ISP router and plug in my laptop to the asa I get about 2Mb down and 9 up...... The download is always 1MB or 2MB, and the upload is consistant at 9MB.....I unplug ASA and plug in laptop and I get 9MB down and 9MB up.....I am running ASA 5520 with 8.0.4...I have a 10MB internet pipe... Speed is set a auto on ASA and router....We tried hard coding to 100MB full....There are no errors...input or output.... Any Help....


Re: Speed Issues

ASA has no limit hardcoded.

Perhaps you are not allowing all traffic on your ASA.

ASA is able to handle 100megs links for VPN and 150 for the firewall part as per:

I dont find specific defect on 8.0.4, I suspect you are not allowing all traffic.

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