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TACACS Issue "Command Authorization Failed"

Hi All,

While working in a 3560 all of a sudden I received the message "command authorization failed" while trying to issue certain commands.

It appears I lost my priv 15 authorization.  We have seen this before, we do not have access to the ACS to trouble shoot the issue. 

I tried logging in a 2nd and 3rd time using tacacs and received the same error whenever I issued a command such as dir flash: , copy tftp flash or show run.

At the time I was trying to copy IOS to the switch, I had a co-worker log in and it was fine for him and he completed the copy.

Once completed I logged back in and all was fine again.   We suspect an issue with ACS? possibly a timeout of our TACACS authorization ?

Any help is appreciated.



TACACS Issue "Command Authorization Failed"

Some IOS version of 3560 has TACACS bug, check your IOS version against Cisco bug tracker.

You maybe able to find the answer, whether your version IOS is buggy or not.

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