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So we have been running for a while and I have all my granular control I need for Switches, Routers and ASAs but we want to add WLCs to the list of devices we are using this for. I know it has to do with <Services> section of the authorization config but I just can't nail down the commands. Here is what I have now and it Passes authorization on the side but the WLC is having issues with what actually sends it.








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Hi. I've just deployed Tacacs

Hi. I've just deployed (great app). I'm trying to get this same part working too right now. No answer to this thread but did you manage to get this working anyhow and if so can you share the SERVICE section you used ? I have virtually what you posted here already. Many thanks and hope you can assist. Simon.
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Unfortunately I never did

Unfortunately I never did make any progress on this. I am still using Radius to log into the WLC itself. I just set up NPS on the same server Im running so I still consolidated but I still need radius for a couple things.

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I've spent some time on

I've spent some time on debugging on the WLC to try to solve this.

Believe I have found the issue, but the fix I think would need to be done in the code.

When this is working via ACS (4.2) the debug outlook looks like this:

*tplusTransportThread: Jun 25 11:42:28.042: author response body: status=1 arg_cnt=1 msg_len=0 data_len=0

*tplusTransportThread: Jun 25 11:42:28.042: arg[0] = [9][role1=ALL]

A non working go using looks like this:

*tplusTransportThread: Jun 25 11:04:26.200: author response body: status=1 arg_cnt=2 msg_len=0 data_len=0

*tplusTransportThread: Jun 25 11:04:26.200: arg[0] = [15][protocol=common]

*tplusTransportThread: Jun 25 11:04:26.200: arg[1] = [10][role1=ALL?]

I've tried lots of modification on the service config, even adding the individual roles instead of ALL.

My theory is that the WLC expect a roleX attribute in the ARG[0] position. always puts protocol=common in that slot (even if you move it lower down).

If you don't specify protocol=common it does not get any args.

Oh Well ..... ill mail and see if they want to experiment and fix in a new release.





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Hi GuysI have the same

Hi Guys

I have the same problem did you get it sorted and if please give me your solution.


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HI again.I've not done any

HI again.

I've not done any more on this however I do note that have just released a newer version of their app (v1.3.1).
We are running v1.3 here.

Unfortunately I cannot find a change log on their website so no idea what this new version has.

Bug-fixes I would guess so there is an outside chance it may address the issue I mention above .....

Once I get some time ill test the new version and let you know how I get on.

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Hi, I am from and



I am from and wanted to give an update.

We are aware of the problem and a fix will be available soon (no ETA yet). We will prioritize it based on the demand and available resources.

We would love to hear from you and appreciate your inputs here:



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I have upgraded to the new 2

I have upgraded to the new 2.0.1 version that specified a WLC fix, but still a no go.  I have the same setup that @bounser01 originally posted.  Anyone have any luck getting a working configuration?




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Please open a ticket. Support

Please open a ticket. Support team will look into it.

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@duleep0011 I did but it was

@duleep0011 I did but it was closed yesterday.  Ticket ID : 146.  Let me know if I should open another?

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You can reopen the same and 

You can reopen the same and  provide the information Rob asked for.



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Did you get it working now? It is confirmed that the WLC is working for other users.


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im strucling with the same

im strucling with the same issue, im running v 1.3.1, has anyone found a solutions to this





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The WLC bug was fixed in the latest version (2.0.1).


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