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Upgraded from ACS 5.4 to 5.5, services will not start

I was in the process of upgrading a distributed deployment consisting of 2 ACS servers. I de-registered the secondary and applied the

Pointed-PreUpgrade-CSCum04132-5-4-0-46-0a.tar.gpg patch. This was the version prior to 5.5 upgrade:

#show application version acs



Version :

Internal Build ID : B.221

Patches :


I kicked off the upgrade on this vm and it created the backup and installed the 5.5 application. After the application installed, I was presented withe "Upgrade completed successfully, system will now reboot." After the reboot, I did a 'show app status acs' and all I get now is this:

Application initializing...

Status is not yet available.

Please check again in a minute.

It's been like this for over an hour now.

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgraded from ACS 5.4 to 5.5, services will not start

This is a known and new issue

CSCum67932    ACS 5.5 not starting after upgrade due to unknown encryption algorithm

Reading that in order to upgrade ACS from 5.4 to 5.5, here is the process:

1.] Apply the latest patch i.e patch 6.

2.] Apply the pointed patch.

3.] Then run the 'database-compress' on ACS CLI.

4.] apply ACS 5.5 application upgrade.

Guess you missed step 1 and 3. Please try to run the 'database-compress' command now on ACS 5.5 and try to restart the ACS servces.


Jatin Katyal

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~Jatin Katyal
Community Member

You can't run "database

You can't run "database-compress" if the ACS service is not running...

I am stuck at the same point as OP, and I applied all patches, pointed patch and I also run database-compress before the upgrade.

But the service won't start. What now? Really the only way is to reainstall from iso?



EDIT: actually, applying last patch helped. ACS is running fine now.

Community Member

Fukin cisco, jesus...leave it

Fukin cisco, jesus...leave it to them to make bone stock easy linux a pissss and shitstorm.  I did everything spot on and am still getting this error right up the ass.  I'm at the latest version so ther e are no patches.

15 hrs to make sense of their worldass upgrade instructions only to have it fail.  A zit or a turd .could do a better job documenting.

Re: Upgraded from ACS 5.4 to 5.5, services will not start

just to add on in Jatin's response,  you can download the latest SW from:

Community Member

Re: Upgraded from ACS 5.4 to 5.5, services will not start

Ok, may I ask where you run the "compress-database" command in ACS version 5.4 patch 6 with pointed patch.  See mine below:

nkacs1/admin# sh ver

Cisco Application Deployment Engine OS Release: 2.0

ADE-OS Build Version:

ADE-OS System Architecture: i386

Copyright (c) 2005-2011 by Cisco Systems, Inc.

All rights reserved.

Hostname: nkacs1

Version information of installed applications




Version :

Internal Build ID : B.221

Patches :




nkacs1/admin(config)# ?

Configure commands:

  backup-staging-url  Remote directory for backup and restore temp space

  cdp                 CDP Configuration parameters

  clock               Configure timezone

  do                  EXEC command

  end                 Exit from configure mode

  exit                Exit from configure mode

  hostname            Configure hostname

  icmp                Configure icmp echo requests

  interface           Configure interface

  ip                  Configure IP features

  ipv6                Configure IPv6 features

  kron                Configure command scheduler

  logging             Configure system logging

  no                  Negate a command or set its defaults

  ntp                 Specify NTP configuration

  password-policy     Password Policy Configuration

  repository          Configure Repository

  service             Specify service to manage

  snmp-server         Configure snmp server

  username            User creation

nkacs1/admin(config)# database-compress


% invalid command detected at '^' marker.


nkacs1/admin# compress-database


% invalid command detected at '^' marker.


Community Member

Re: Upgraded from ACS 5.4 to 5.5, services will not start


You have to enter the "acs-config" command to enter the CLI of the web config:

ACS/admin# acs-config

Escape character is CNTL/D.

Username: admin         <-- web gui username

Password: password    <-- web gui password


Just an update on my woes while upgrading. After I de-registered the secondary and upgraded following the 5.5 release note instructions (they did not mention the database compress step), my database became corrupt. Even after an attempted restore, the services would never start. Once you upgrade to 5.5, it also upgrades ADE-OS from 1.2 to 2.1 and you cannot simply downgrade to 5.4 to redo the steps with "database-compress." The only way to get back to 5.4 would be to download the iso and run it from the disk (not a problem if it's a vm, but if it's a remote appliance like mine, you're basically out of luck). Ultimately I ended up sticking with 5.5 and then exporting everything I could from the primary ACS that I hadn't upgraded yet and importing it into 5.5 (you'll have to download the import templates for a lot of the items as the headers have changed in 5.5). I have not proceeded with the primary device yet, but I am hopeful that the "database-compress" along with all the patches will prevent my original issue from happening again.

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