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Upgrading TACACS

Good Afternoon,


Our TACACS+ Svr is v3.3 on Win Svr 2k3.  I need to upgrade it to hopefully the newest version.  I see that anything newer than 4.x needs to go on a VM.  The documentation I've had little time to read only gives the requirements for the VM.  It doesn't give the OS requirements.  Does that mean it will work with either Win svr 2012 or Win Svr 2008?  Or just one of the 2?


Also, it looks like I would have to upgrade from v3.3 to 4.x first, then can I go from 4.x directly to 5.3 or 5.5?  I saw that there is also a Smartnet available for purchase also.  I am assuming that I would be able to have TAC help me with the entire migration?


Thank you in advance.


Hey,ACS 3 and ACS 4 are


ACS 3 and ACS 4 are windows based servers.

ACS 5 is a Linux form (Centos to be precise).

2 Flavors for the ACS 5:

-Appliance 1120/1121/3415

-VMware ESX VM


ACS 3.x can be upgraded to 4.2.1 max.

ACS 4 to ACS 5 will not be upgrade, it will be migration.

For this you need the new purchase of ACS 5.

The migration process is somewhat  helpful but some customers don't prefer that.

You should have a word with TAC of whether it suits your environment or not.

There are lot of things that you need to configure from scratch on ACS 5, so re-think the migration.




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